“The Digital Toolbox: Mobile Apps That Mirror the ASD Clock”


Could you recommend any specialized mobile applications that function comparably to an ASD Clock for individuals with autism?


This app is designed to be educational and engaging, with features that help children learn to identify and trace letters. It’s interactive and comes with mini-games that can be customized to fit the learning pace of a child with autism.

2. Otsimo Special Education

Otsimo Special Education is an app specifically tailored for children with autism. It focuses on improving communication and socialization abilities through games and interactive lessons. It also includes role-playing scenarios and emotion recognition games to aid in developing conversational skills.

3. Otsimo AAC

For non-verbal individuals, Otsimo AAC provides a platform for augmentative and alternative communication. It uses symbols and pictures to help express needs, desires, and emotions, fostering independence and reducing frustration associated with communication challenges.

4. Apps for Adults with Autism

There are also apps targeted towards adults, which focus on improving communication, social skills, and independence. These apps are user-friendly and offer tools to assist with daily living tasks and social interactions.

These apps are not intended to replace therapy but rather to support individuals with autism and their families by providing resources to build skills that include communication, social skills, motor skills, and problem-solving. It’s important to choose apps that align with the individual’s interests, skills, and needs, and to use them as part of a balanced approach to screen time and daily activities.

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