The Comprehensive Backup Strategies of SUPER VISTA Database


Could you detail the backup capabilities and protocols that the SUPER VISTA Database employs?


  • Database Folder Copy:

    Users can manually copy the database folder. For added convenience, this folder can be compressed into a ZIP or RAR file, with ZIP being the preferred format.

  • Built-in Backup Feature:

    The database includes a feature for scheduling automatic backups, making regular data protection effortless.

  • Export Feature:

    For partial backups or specific data sets, the export feature allows users to selectively save their data.

  • Restore Methods:

  • Folder Restoration:

    In case of data loss, users can restore their database by changing the database path in the server setup to a previously copied database folder.

  • .fvb File Restoration:

    Utilizing the .fvb file created by the built-in backup feature, users can restore their database to a previous state.

  • Import Feature:

    If data was exported, it can be re-imported into the database using the import feature.

  • These methods provide a comprehensive approach to data backup and restoration, ensuring that users can maintain continuous access to their critical information and quickly recover from potential data loss incidents. The SUPER VISTA Database’s commitment to data security is evident through these thoughtful and user-friendly backup protocols.

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