Streamline Your Nine-Patch Image Editing in Photoshop with These Plugins


Could you recommend a plugin for Photoshop that facilitates editing nine-patch images?


simplifies the setup and creation of nine-patches for different screen densities. It allows you to define multiple stretch areas and an optional content area, providing flexibility in your design. Once you’re ready, the plugin can scale and export the nine-patches automatically to the selected densities, all within the familiar environment of Photoshop.

The plugin’s integrated Android 9-Patch export feature is particularly noteworthy. It takes the hassle out of manually setting up the stretchable areas and content padding, which are crucial for nine-patch images to display correctly across various device sizes and resolutions.

In summary, if you’re looking for a Photoshop plugin that can aid in editing nine-patch images,

PNG Express

is a commendable choice. It bridges the gap between design and development, ensuring that your nine-patch images are ready for implementation in your Android projects with ease and accuracy. For more detailed instructions on creating a nine-patch image in Photoshop, you might find this Stack Overflow discussion helpful.

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