Simplifying Your Workflow: Large File Sharing Through Outlook with Send Anywhere


Is it possible to utilize Send Anywhere for transmitting substantial file sizes through Outlook?


With Send Anywhere’s add-in for Outlook, you can quickly attach large files to your emails. The process is straightforward: click ‘New Mail’, select the Send Anywhere option, and choose the files you wish to attach. You can either browse for files or simply drag and drop them into the compose window.

File Size Capacity:

Send Anywhere caters to different user needs with its tiered subscription model. Lite members can transfer up to 20GB, while Standard members have a higher limit of 30GB per link. This is significantly more than the standard attachment limit in Outlook, making it ideal for sending large documents, presentations, or media files.

Security Features:

When sending sensitive or confidential files, security is paramount. Send Anywhere allows you to set an expiration date, download limit, and even password-protect your files. This ensures that your files are not only sent quickly but also securely.

Continuous Accessibility:

It’s important to note that while files are uploading, you should keep the Outlook app open to avoid any interruptions in the transfer process. Once the upload is complete, a link to the files is automatically inserted into your email, ready to be sent to your recipient.

In conclusion, Send Anywhere for Outlook is a robust tool for anyone looking to send large files via email. Its user-friendly interface, generous file size limits, and security measures make it a standout choice for both personal and professional use. Whether you’re sharing project files, large reports, or high-resolution videos, Send Anywhere streamlines the process, integrating seamlessly with Outlook’s functionality.

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