Renaming Files with Precision: The Date-Stamp Advantage in BatchFileRenamer


Is it possible for BatchFileRenamer to append date stamps to the filenames during the renaming process?


When you use BatchFileRenamer, you can easily add date stamps to your files. This feature allows you to include the creation date, last modified date, or the current date at the time of renaming. It’s particularly handy for photographers, content creators, or anyone who needs to sort files chronologically.

How It Works:

The process is simple. In the BatchFileRenamer interface, you select the files you wish to rename, choose the ‘Add Date’ option, and then specify the date format you prefer. The software supports various date formats, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs, whether it’s YYYY-MM-DD for international standard date format or MM-DD-YYYY for the U.S. standard.

Customization Options:

Moreover, BatchFileRenamer allows you to decide where in the file name the date stamp should appear. You can place it at the beginning, end, or even in the middle of the file name. This level of customization ensures that your files are named in a way that makes sense for your specific workflow.

Batch Processing:

The true power of BatchFileRenamer lies in its batch processing capabilities. You can rename a large number of files in just a few clicks, saving you time and effort. The inclusion of date stamps during this process means you can update entire directories of files to reflect their respective dates, all at once.


In conclusion, BatchFileRenamer not only supports the addition of date stamps during the renaming process but also provides a user-friendly and customizable experience. Its batch processing feature paired with the ability to append date stamps transforms file management into a quick and painless task. Whether you’re a professional needing to manage a large portfolio or a casual user wanting to keep personal files in order, BatchFileRenamer has got you covered.

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