Portable eXpress TimeStamp Toucher: A Battery-Free Operation Guide


Is it necessary to power the Portable eXpress TimeStamp Toucher with batteries for operation?


Since it’s a software program, you simply need to run it on a compatible Windows system. The portable nature of the eXpress TimeStamp Toucher refers to its ability to be stored and used from a USB flash drive or any portable storage device, making it convenient to use on different computers without the need for installation. This eliminates the need for any external power source like batteries, as the software derives its power from the computer’s USB port when the storage device it’s housed on is connected.

In summary, the Portable eXpress TimeStamp Toucher is powered by the computer it is connected to, and there is no need for separate batteries to operate the software. Its portability is due to the fact that it can be carried on portable storage devices and used on any machine without leaving a footprint, which is particularly useful for those who need to modify file timestamps on the go.

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