Outlook Overload: Clearing the Clutter to Resume Email Flow


Could you provide guidance on resolving an issue where no emails have been received for nearly six months? The problem persists across both the mail app on a smartphone and a laptop. It seems to be related to an Outlook account, with the last received email indicating that Microsoft storage is full. What steps can be taken to address this?


If you’re experiencing a halt in email reception on your Outlook account for an extended period, such as six months, and the last notification you received was regarding full Microsoft storage, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Step 1: Verify Your Storage

Firstly, check your current storage status. Outlook provides a direct link to view your storage usage. If your storage is indeed full, no new emails can be received, as they are bounced back to the sender.

Step 2: Clear Unnecessary Data

Begin by deleting unnecessary emails, especially large attachments that consume significant space. Remember to empty the “Deleted Items” folder, as items in this folder still count towards your storage limit.

Step 3: Wait for the System to Update

After clearing space, it may take the system 24-48 hours to process the changes and reflect your new storage status. During this time, you should start receiving new emails again.

Step 4: Purchase Additional Storage (If Needed)

If you find that your storage needs exceed the free limit, consider purchasing additional storage. This will immediately increase your capacity and should resolve any issues related to storage limits.

Step 5: Contact Support for Unresolved Issues

In cases where you’ve confirmed that your storage is within limits and you’re still not receiving emails, or if you encounter any discrepancies in the reported storage usage, reaching out to Microsoft Support is advisable. They can provide direct assistance and help resolve any underlying issues.


A full storage notification in Outlook is a common issue that can prevent new emails from being received. By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively manage your storage and ensure that your email reception resumes without further interruptions. For any persistent problems, Microsoft Support remains a valuable resource for assistance.

I hope this article provides a clear guide on how to tackle the issue of not receiving emails due to full storage in Outlook. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Microsoft Support for personalized help.

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