OpenOffice Calc Mastery: Tools for Efficient Multi-Document Searches


Could you recommend a specialized tool for conducting searches across numerous OpenOffice Calc documents?


These are search programs that support indexing of LibreOffice documents, which include OpenOffice Calc files. They allow you to search for text within multiple documents and can be very useful if you have a large number of files to go through.

2. Unoconv or Pandoc:

For those comfortable with command-line tools, Unoconv and Pandoc can convert your Calc files to plaintext. Once converted, you can use the `grep` command to search through the text. This method is particularly effective for users who are familiar with shell scripting.

3. Built-in Find & Replace:

OpenOffice Calc itself has a Find & Replace feature that, while not designed for multiple documents, can be used in a pinch. You would need to open each document individually and perform the search, but it’s a straightforward method if you don’t have too many files.

4. Macros:

If you’re adept with OpenOffice Calc, you could write or record a macro to perform the search across multiple documents. This requires some knowledge of OpenOffice’s scripting language but can be a powerful way to automate your search process.

5. External Batch Tools:

Depending on your operating system, there may be batch tools available that can perform global find and replace operations across multiple documents. For example, on UNIX-based systems, tools like `sed` can be very effective.

When choosing a tool, consider the number of documents you need to search, your comfort level with technical solutions, and whether you need to search within the content of cells or formulas. Each of these tools has its strengths, and the right choice will depend on your specific needs and technical skills.

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