Okdo PowerPoint Merger: The Solution for Your Hefty Presentation Files


Could you inform me about the maximum file size limit for presentations that Okdo PowerPoint Merger is capable of processing?


  • No File Size Limit

    : Merge presentations regardless of their size, which is particularly useful for users dealing with extensive slideshows.

  • Batch Processing

    : The ability to merge multiple files at once saves time and effort, especially when working with large numbers of presentations.

  • Format Support

    : It supports a wide range of PowerPoint formats, including *.PPT, *.PPTX, *.PPTM, *.PPS, *.PPSX, and *.PPSM, ensuring compatibility with various versions of PowerPoint.

  • Preservation of Original Elements

    : The software maintains the original templates, backgrounds, animations, sounds, layouts, and formatting of each slide, ensuring that the merged presentation retains the quality and integrity of the original files.

  • In summary, Okdo PowerPoint Merger is an efficient tool for users who need to combine multiple PowerPoint presentations into one master file without being constrained by file size. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it an excellent choice for both professional and casual users looking to streamline their presentation management.

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