Navigating XLog’s Compatibility with Various Operating Systems


Could you provide insights on XLog’s compatibility across different operating systems?


XLog shines on Android devices, offering a lightweight, powerful, and flexible logging solution. It’s designed to print logs to Logcat, Console, and Files, or anywhere else you might need. The tool is easily integrated into Android projects and supports various logging levels to suit development and production needs.

GNU/Linux Platforms:

For GNU/Linux systems, XLog is supported on a wide range of distributions and architectures. This includes popular distributions like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, covering both x86 and ARM64 architectures. Its flexibility ensures that developers can implement XLog in their existing Linux-based environments without compatibility concerns.

Windows Platforms:

XLog’s compatibility extends to Windows operating systems as well. It supports various versions, including legacy systems like Windows Vista to the latest Windows 11. This broad support ensures that applications requiring logging on Windows platforms can leverage XLog’s capabilities.

BSD Platforms:

While not as commonly used as other operating systems, BSD platforms are also supported by XLog. This includes FreeBSD and OpenBSD, ensuring that applications running on these systems can utilize XLog for their logging requirements.


Developers working on macOS will find XLog compatible with their system as well. It supports recent versions of macOS, allowing for seamless integration into the development workflow of macOS applications.

In summary, XLog’s compatibility with a wide array of operating systems makes it a highly adaptable tool for developers. Whether you’re working on mobile, desktop, or server applications, XLog provides a consistent and reliable logging experience across platforms. Its ease of use and comprehensive documentation further add to its appeal, making it a go-to choice for developers in need of a robust logging solution.

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