Navigating VeryPDF OCR: Do You Need Internet to Extract Tables?


Is an active internet connection necessary to operate VeryPDF Table Extractor OCR?


For VeryPDF Table Extractor OCR, it is designed to work with both Windows and Mac OS X systems, and it supports extracting tables from scanned or normal PDF documents. It also allows users to recognize characters from PDF and image files and save them as tables in various formats such as CSV, XLS, HTML, etc. The software provides features like deskewing and despeckling input documents, which enhance the quality of the output.

While the official product page does not explicitly state whether an internet connection is required, it is common for desktop OCR applications to function offline after installation. However, some features, such as software updates or access to cloud-based services, may require an internet connection.

In conclusion, while basic OCR functions of VeryPDF Table Extractor OCR may not require an internet connection, certain features or updates might. It’s always best to refer to the official user guide or contact customer support for the most accurate information regarding the software’s requirements.

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