Navigating the Update Process for Firefox Addons


Could you guide me through the process of updating a published Firefox addon?


Before uploading the update, make sure you’ve tested the new version thoroughly. Increment the version number in your `manifest.json` file, and bundle your addon files into a `.zip`, `.xpi`, or `.rar` archive.

Step 2: Sign Your Addon

If your addon is not listed on the Mozilla Add-ons website (AMO), you’ll need to have it signed by Mozilla. Use the [web-ext sign]( command for this purpose.

Step 3: Upload the Update to AMO

Log in to the [Developer Hub]( on the AMO website. Navigate to the addon’s management page and click on ‘New Version’. Upload your addon file and fill in the version notes detailing the changes.

Step 4: Review Process

If your addon is listed, it will undergo a review process. While most updates are automatically approved, some may require manual review, especially if they include significant changes.

Step 5: Release the Update

Once approved, your addon update will be available for users to download and install. If your addon supports automatic updates, users will receive the update without any action required on their part.

Step 6: Monitor Feedback

After the update, monitor user feedback closely. This can provide valuable insights into any issues that weren’t caught during testing and can inform future updates.

Remember, keeping your addon up-to-date is crucial for security and performance, and it also shows your commitment to providing a quality product to your users. Happy coding! 🚀

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