Navigating the File Format Landscape with FileViewer


Could you kindly inform me about the range of file formats that FileViewer is capable of handling?


FileViewer stands out as a remarkably versatile tool in the realm of file management, offering users the ability to open and interact with a wide array of file formats. Whether you’re dealing with documents, images, or even complex CAD drawings, FileViewer is designed to meet your needs.

Text and Documents

At the heart of FileViewer’s capabilities lies its robust support for text-based documents. Users can view and edit popular formats such as:


    : Standard Word documents

  • PDF

    : Portable Document Format files

  • RTF, TXT

    : Rich Text and Plain Text files

  • ODT

    : OpenDocument Text documents

  • Spreadsheets and Presentations

    For those working with data and presentations, FileViewer provides comprehensive support for:


    : Excel spreadsheets

  • CSV

    : Comma Separated Values files

  • ODP, PPT

    : OpenDocument and PowerPoint presentations

  • Visual Files

    Visual content creators and consumers will appreciate FileViewer’s ability to handle:


    : Common image formats

  • DWG, DXF

    : AutoCAD drawings

  • Visio

    : Various Visio formats

  • Multimedia

    Not limited to static files, FileViewer also supports a range of multimedia formats:

  • Audio

    : Common audio file types

  • Video

    : Various video formats

  • Others

    The versatility extends to less common but equally important formats such as:

  • Email

    : Various email file formats

  • Archive

    : ZIP and other archive files

  • Source Code

    : Different programming language files

  • In conclusion, FileViewer’s extensive support for over 400 file formats makes it an indispensable tool for professionals and casual users alike. Its ability to not only view but also edit and convert between many formats ensures that it remains a go-to solution for file management tasks.

    This article provides a glimpse into the extensive capabilities of FileViewer, highlighting its role as a comprehensive solution for accessing and managing a multitude of file types.

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