Navigating Free Version Information Editors: A User’s Guide


Could you recommend a cost-free tool for editing the version information of files?


is a standout choice among the free utilities. It’s a compact program that allows users to view, modify, extract, add, and delete the embedded resources of executable files—icons, strings, images, and more. Importantly, it lets you edit the version information of an application easily.

Another option is


, a simple utility designed specifically for updating the version information block of a Windows executable. While it doesn’t have the extensive features of Resource Hacker, it’s straightforward and does the job well.

For those who prefer a graphical user interface,

XN Resource Editor

is a powerful, fully featured resource editor and PE module explorer for Windows. It’s open-source and supports editing file version information alongside other resource types.


PE Explorer

offers a trial version that provides full functionality for a limited period. It’s not entirely free, but it can be a good option if you need to edit version information occasionally and require a more robust set of features.

Remember, while these tools are powerful, they should be used responsibly. Editing the version information of software can have implications for software behavior and integrity. Always create backups before making any changes, and ensure you have the right to modify the files in question.

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