Navigating Document Formats with Atlantis Word Processor


Could you inform me about the various file formats that are compatible with the Atlantis Word Processor for document handling?


  • A universally accepted format that retains formatting across different word processors.

  • MS Word Formats (DOC, DOCX):

    Atlantis can handle both the older binary DOC format and the newer Office Open XML DOCX format.

  • OpenDocument Format (ODT):

    This open standard format is used by several word processors, including LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

  • Atlantis Encrypted Format (COD):

    A proprietary format of Atlantis for creating encrypted documents that are secure and private.

  • MS Write (WRI):

    An older format used by Microsoft Write, which is also supported by Atlantis.

  • Plain Text (TXT):

    Atlantis can work with plain text files, which are useful for unformatted text.

  • In addition to these, Atlantis also supports various text encodings, including UTF-8 Unicode and a range of Windows-specific code pages, ensuring compatibility with international languages and special characters.

    Moreover, Atlantis has its unique approach to document formatting with a Format Palette and Brush, allowing for easy and intuitive formatting changes. It also offers a proprietary document format (COD) for encrypted documents, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure.

    For those looking to publish their work, Atlantis provides the capability to export documents as eBooks, making it a handy tool for authors and publishers. And for convenience, Atlantis is portable and can be installed on USB flash drives, allowing users to take their work wherever they go.

    In summary, whether you’re drafting a simple letter, compiling a complex report, or writing the next bestseller, Atlantis Word Processor’s support for multiple file formats ensures that your documents are accessible and editable, no matter where you are or what other software you might use..

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