“My Disk Wiper”: The Expert’s Choice for Irreversible Data Wiping


In what ways does “My Disk Wiper” guarantee the complete and irreversible removal of data?


In the digital age, data security is paramount, and “My Disk Wiper” stands as a guardian of data privacy. When it comes to guaranteeing the complete and irreversible removal of data, “My Disk Wiper” employs several robust methods:

“My Disk Wiper” adheres to industry-standard deletion protocols, such as the DoD 5220.22-M method, which involves multiple passes of overwriting data with patterns of zeros and ones. This multi-pass approach ensures that the original data cannot be recovered by any means.


Secure Erase Commands:

For modern drives, “My Disk Wiper” utilizes the built-in secure erase commands that are part of the drive’s firmware. This command tells the drive to internally wipe every block, rendering data unrecoverable.


Gutmann Method:

For those seeking an even higher level of security, “My Disk Wiper” offers the Gutmann method, which uses a series of 35 patterns over multiple passes, designed to protect against data recovery from any type of drive.


Verification Process:

After the wipe, “My Disk Wiper” performs a verification process to ensure that no data remains. It checks the overwriting patterns and confirms that no recoverable data is left behind.


Physical Destruction Simulation:

While software cannot physically destroy a drive, “My Disk Wiper” simulates this by not only deleting the data but also altering the drive’s magnetic field, which further ensures data cannot be reconstructed.


SSD Trim Functionality:

Recognizing the unique nature of solid-state drives (SSDs), “My Disk Wiper” includes TRIM functionality, which not only deletes but also reconditions the drive for optimal performance and longevity.


Customizable Wiping Options:

Users can customize the wiping process according to their needs, choosing the number of passes and specific wiping methods, giving them control over the security level.


Compliance with Standards:

“My Disk Wiper” is compliant with various international standards for data destruction, ensuring it meets the requirements for legal and corporate data disposal policies.

By integrating these methods, “My Disk Wiper” provides a comprehensive solution for individuals and organizations alike, ensuring that once data is wiped, it remains forever out of reach. Whether it’s personal files or sensitive corporate information, users can trust “My Disk Wiper” for secure data deletion.

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