MultiBit HD and Hardware Wallets: A Guide to Seamless Integration


Could you advise on the interoperability of MultiBit HD with various hardware wallets? Is there a seamless integration available?


MultiBit HD supported hardware wallets through a common API, which allowed for a seamless connection with devices like Trezor and KeepKey. This integration meant that users could enjoy the enhanced security of a hardware wallet while still taking advantage of the user-friendly interface of MultiBit HD.

Secure Cloud Backups

For users who did not opt for a hardware wallet, MultiBit HD offered secure cloud backups. These backups were created using popular services as a precautionary measure to help users restore their data when needed.

Transitioning from MultiBit HD

It’s important to note that as of July 26, 2017, KeepKey, the company that acquired MultiBit, announced the discontinuation of support and maintenance for MultiBit HD. Users were advised to move their keys to other wallet software of their choosing. For those looking to transition from MultiBit HD to another wallet, there are resources available, including videos that demonstrate how to move your wallet to Electrum.

Current State of MultiBit HD

While MultiBit HD played a significant role in the Bitcoin infrastructure, it’s essential to be aware that the software has not been maintained for several years. Users should consider moving to actively supported wallet software to ensure compatibility with current Bitcoin protocols and security standards.

In conclusion, MultiBit HD’s integration with hardware wallets like Trezor was a standout feature that provided users with a secure and convenient way to manage their Bitcoin. However, with the software no longer being maintained, users should look for alternative solutions that continue to offer support and updates.

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