Mastering Data Migration: How to Export from ATLAS.ti


Could you guide me through the process of exporting datasets from ATLAS.ti for further analysis?


Before exporting, ensure all your data is coded and all relevant quotations are accurately annotated. This preparation ensures that the exported data will be organized and meaningful.

Step 2: Choose the Export Option

Navigate to the ‘Reports’ menu in ATLAS.ti. Here, you’ll find various options for exporting your data, such as ‘Code-Document Table,’ ‘Code Co-occurrence Table,’ and others.

Step 3: Select the Format

Decide on the format that best suits your needs. ATLAS.ti can export data in formats like Excel, SPSS, or as a simple CSV file. Each format serves different purposes; for instance, Excel is great for further qualitative analysis, while SPSS is suited for statistical analysis.

Step 4: Customize the Export

You can customize what to include in your export, such as coded segments, memos, or comments. This customization allows you to tailor the exported data to the requirements of your subsequent analysis.

Step 5: Execute the Export

After selecting your preferences, execute the export. ATLAS.ti will generate the file, which you can then save to your computer.

Step 6: Import Into Your Desired Platform

Finally, take the exported file and import it into the platform of your choice, such as a statistical analysis tool or a data visualization software.

Remember, the exported data is only as good as the coding and analysis performed within ATLAS.ti. So, make sure to thoroughly review your work before exporting. This ensures that your further analysis is built on a solid foundation of well-organized and accurately interpreted data.

Exporting your data from ATLAS.ti is an essential step in extending your qualitative analysis and gaining deeper insights from your research. With these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to move your data wherever it needs to go for your next phase of analysis. Happy researching!

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