Mastering Circular Puzzle Designs with AV Bros. Puzzle Pro


Could you guide me through the process of designing a circular puzzle pattern using AV Bros. Puzzle Pro?


Start by selecting the image you want to turn into a circular puzzle. Ensure it’s of high quality and resolution for the best results.

Step 2: Open AV Bros. Puzzle Pro

Launch your Photoshop and open the AV Bros. Puzzle Pro plugin. You’ll find it under the ‘Filter’ menu once it’s installed.

Step 3: Choose a Circular Pattern

In the plugin, look for the option to select a puzzle pattern. Choose a circular pattern, which will be the base for your puzzle design.

Step 4: Adjust Puzzle Piece Size

Decide on the number of pieces you want your puzzle to have. You can adjust the piece size accordingly; smaller pieces will result in a more challenging puzzle.

Step 5: Apply Puzzle Effect

With your pattern selected and piece size set, apply the puzzle effect. The plugin will slice your image into the circular puzzle pattern you’ve chosen.

Step 6: Customize Piece Edges

AV Bros. Puzzle Pro allows you to customize the edges of your puzzle pieces. Play around with the settings to give your puzzle a unique look.

Step 7: Finalize Your Puzzle

Once you’re satisfied with the design, finalize the puzzle. You can then save it as a new image file, ready for printing or sharing online.

Step 8: Test Your Puzzle

If possible, print out a test version of your puzzle to see how the pieces fit together in real life. Make any necessary adjustments back in the plugin if needed.

Remember, the key to a great puzzle is not just in the design but also in the challenge it presents. Take your time to experiment with different settings in AV Bros. Puzzle Pro to create a puzzle that’s both visually appealing and fun to solve. Enjoy the process and have fun creating!

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