ILWIS Open’s Open-Source License: What It Means for Businesses


Could you clarify whether ILWIS Open is licensed for commercial purposes at no cost?


As an open-source software, ILWIS Open can be downloaded, used, and distributed freely. This includes commercial use, meaning businesses can utilize ILWIS Open for their operations without incurring licensing fees. The shift to open source was facilitated by the 52┬░North initiative, which now hosts the latest versions of ILWIS Open for download along with documentation.

It’s important to note that while ILWIS Open is free for commercial use, being open-source also means that users have the responsibility to comply with the terms of the GNU General Public License. This includes stipulations such as the requirement to disclose source code if the software or its derivatives are distributed.

In summary, ILWIS Open is indeed licensed for commercial purposes at no cost, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses requiring GIS and remote sensing tools. However, users should ensure they understand and adhere to the open-source license terms when using the software in a commercial setting..

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