iLike Photo Recovery: A Beacon of Hope for Reformatted SD Cards?


Is it possible for iLike Photo Recovery to recover images from an SD card that has been reformatted?


is designed to recover lost files, including photos, from storage devices like SD cards, even after they’ve been formatted. It works by scanning the SD card for remnants of lost data and reconstructing the files as much as possible.

Here’s a general process on how recovery works with such software:


Stop using the SD card immediately

after realizing the data loss to avoid overwriting the data.


Install a reliable photo recovery software

like iLike Photo Recovery on your computer.


Connect the SD card

to your computer using a card reader.


Launch the recovery software

and select the SD card for scanning.


Scan the card

. The software will search for recoverable files. This process may take some time, depending on the card’s capacity and the amount of data.


Preview and select photos

you want to recover. Most recovery software allows you to preview files before you commit to recovering them.


Recover the selected photos

to a safe location on your computer or another storage device.

It’s important to note that the success of recovery can depend on several factors, such as the extent of the formatting process, whether new data has been written to the card, and the condition of the card itself. However, in many cases, photo recovery software can successfully restore lost images.

In summary, yes, it is quite possible for iLike Photo Recovery to retrieve images from a reformatted SD card, provided that the data hasn’t been overwritten and the card is still functional. Always remember to back up your data regularly to avoid the stress of data loss in the future..

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