How to Save Photos from MSG Files: Techniques and Tools


Could you advise on the methodology for retrieving images embedded in MSG email files?


MSG files are created by Microsoft Outlook to store emails, which include not only the body text but also attachments like images. These files are structured in the Compound File Binary Format, which can be complex to navigate without specialized software.

Required Tools

To extract images, you’ll need software that can parse MSG files and extract their contents. There are several tools available, both free and paid, that can accomplish this task.

Step-by-Step Process


Choose a Suitable Software

: Select a tool that can handle MSG files and extract attachments. Ensure it’s compatible with your operating system.


Install the Software

: Download and install the chosen software on your computer.


Open the MSG File

: Use the software to open the MSG file from which you want to extract images.


Extract the Attachments

: Look for an option to ‘Extract Attachments’ or ‘Save Attachments’ within the software.


Save the Images

: Choose a destination folder and save the extracted images.


If you have multiple MSG files, consider using a tool that supports batch processing to automate the extraction process.


  • Compatibility

    : Ensure the software can handle different image formats embedded in MSG files.

  • Integrity

    : Verify the extracted images to ensure they are intact and uncorrupted.

  • Privacy

    : Be cautious about the software you choose, as some might upload your emails to a server for processing.

  • Conclusion

    Extracting images from MSG files doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right tool, you can easily access and save embedded images, making them available for use outside of the email environment. Always prioritize data integrity and privacy when selecting software for such tasks.

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