From .nc to .engrave: Understanding Intuwiz G-code Generator’s File Compatibility


Could you inform me about the various output file formats supported by the Intuwiz G-code Generator?


  • G-code Files (.nc, .tap, .gcode):

    These are the standard file formats used by most CNC machines. They contain instructions that guide the machine’s movements and operations.

  • Engraving Files (.engrave):

    Specifically tailored for engraving tasks, these files carry detailed commands for intricate designs and patterns.

  • Drilling Files (.drill):

    Used for drilling operations, these files include coordinates and depth information for each hole to be drilled.

  • Turning Files (.turn):

    These are dedicated to lathes and turning centers, providing precise instructions for creating cylindrical parts.

  • Additionally, the Intuwiz G-code Generator can generate barcodes in various formats such as Code 128, Code 128A, Code 128B, and Code 128C. This feature is particularly useful for industries that require part labeling and identification.

    The software’s ability to output in these formats ensures that users can create G-code programs that are tailored to their specific CNC machinery and applications. Whether you’re working on milling, engraving, turning, or drilling, the Intuwiz G-code Generator has the capability to produce the necessary code to bring your designs to life.

    For those looking to delve into CNC programming or seeking to streamline their existing workflow, the Intuwiz G-code Generator presents a user-friendly and powerful solution. Its support for multiple file formats is just one of the many features that make it an indispensable tool in the world of computer-aided manufacturing..

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