From Classic to Contemporary: The Enhanced MrRay73 Mark II Experience


Could you elaborate on the enhancements introduced in the MrRay73 Mark II version compared to its predecessor?


: Unlike the original MrRay73, the Mark II version boasts full polyphony across all 73 notes (E to E), ensuring no note-stealing and allowing for richer, more complex musical passages.

Adjustable Sound Elements

: Users can now fine-tune individual sound elements such as metal, wood, pedal, and damper noises. This level of customization allows for a more personalized and authentic playing experience.

Sympathetic Resonance and Harp Vibration

: The Mark II introduces sympathetic resonance and harp vibration, adding depth and realism to the sound. These features simulate the acoustic interactions found in an actual electric piano.

Sustain Pedal Re-pedaling Feature

: This new feature allows for more expressive sustain pedal techniques, closely mimicking the behavior of a physical sustain pedal.

Vintage Style Phaser and Tremolo Effects

: The inclusion of a six-stage vintage style phaser and a dual-mode tremolo effect expands the sonic palette, offering classic modulation effects at your fingertips.

Power Amp Simulation

: For those seeking the warm, rich tones of a suitcase model electric piano, the Mark II includes a power amp simulation that adds another layer of sonic character.

Reduced CPU and Memory Strain

: Despite these additions, the MrRay73 Mark II is designed to be resource-efficient, putting minimal strain on your processor and memory.

Real-time Sound Generation

: The software generates sound in real-time as you play, which means it’s not sample-based. This approach results in a more dynamic and responsive instrument.

Aging Feature

: You can even ‘age’ your instrument by adjusting the wear levels of the mallets, giving you the ability to craft a vintage sound that evolves over time.

These enhancements make the MrRay73 Mark II a versatile and powerful tool for recreating the iconic sounds of the Fender Rhodes piano, with added flexibility and control for modern production environments. Whether you’re performing live or crafting tracks in the studio, the MrRay73 Mark II offers a blend of classic tone and contemporary functionality that can inspire and elevate your music.

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