Excel Link Repair: How to Mend Multiple Broken Connections


Could you advise on the best approach to resolving numerous broken links within Excel spreadsheets?


Firstly, you need to find all the broken links within your spreadsheet. You can do this by going to the ‘Data’ tab and selecting ‘Edit Links’. This will show you all the external references and their current status.

Step 2: Use Find and Replace

To locate the exact cells that contain the broken links, utilize Excel’s ‘Find and Replace’ feature. Search for file extensions like “.xls”, “.xlsx”, or “.xlsm” to find cells with external references.

Step 3: Repair or Remove Links

Once you’ve identified the broken links, you have two options:

  • Repair

    : If the source files are still available but have been moved, use the ‘Change Source’ button in the ‘Edit Links’ dialog to update the file paths.

  • Remove

    : If the source files are no longer needed or available, you can break the links by selecting ‘Break Link’ in the ‘Edit Links’ dialog.

  • Step 4: Automate with VBA

    For a large number of broken links, writing a VBA macro can automate the process of finding and fixing links. This requires some knowledge of VBA programming.

    Step 5: Use Specialized Add-ins

    There are add-ins available, like Ablebits’ ‘Find Broken Links for Excel’, which can simplify the process of finding and fixing broken links with just a few clicks.

    Prevent Future Issues

    To prevent broken links in the future, consider using named ranges, keeping all linked files in the same directory, and avoiding moving files that are linked to your spreadsheets.

    Remember, regular maintenance of your Excel files can save you from the hassle of dealing with numerous broken links. It’s always a good practice to check for and fix broken links before they accumulate and become a bigger issue.

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