EPUB on Kindle: Converting Files for Seamless Reading


Could you advise on the compatibility of EPUB files with Kindle devices and any potential methods to facilitate their readability?


EPUB files are widely used due to their reflowable content and compatibility with many e-readers. However, Kindle devices traditionally do not support EPUB files natively. This has posed a challenge for Kindle users who wish to read EPUB books on their devices.

Recent Developments

As of May 2022, Amazon introduced a feature allowing users to send EPUB files to their Kindle email address. This service converts the EPUB into a Kindle-compatible format (AZW3) and delivers it to the user’s device. It’s important to note that this conversion process is necessary because Kindle e-readers still do not support EPUB files directly.

Methods to Read EPUB on Kindle


Email to Kindle

: Users can email EPUB files to their specific Kindle email address. Amazon will then convert the EPUB file into a compatible format and send it to the Kindle device.


Send to Kindle App

: The Send to Kindle app is available for PC and mobile devices. It allows users to send documents to their Kindle library, including EPUB files, which are converted upon sending.


Using a Conversion Tool

: Before the update, users had to convert EPUB files to MOBI format using a conversion tool. This method is still viable for those who prefer to manage the conversion process themselves.


Third-Party Apps

: For Kindle Fire tablets, users can sideload third-party EPUB reader apps to read EPUB files directly without conversion.


While Kindle devices do not support EPUB files natively, Amazon has provided solutions to ensure that users can still enjoy EPUB content on their Kindles. By using the methods mentioned above, Kindle users can convert and transfer EPUB files to their devices with relative ease. As technology evolves, we may see further integration of EPUB compatibility in future Kindle updates.

I hope this article provides a clear understanding of the current state of EPUB file compatibility with Kindle devices and the available methods to read them. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!.

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