Ensuring Fleet Compliance: GloboFleet CC’s Tachograph Compatibility


Could you clarify whether GloboFleet CC is compatible with digital tachograph systems?


  • Automatic Data Download:

    GloboFleet CC Plus software initiates an automatic download of data from the digital tachograph once the driver card is inserted into the reader.

  • Data Analysis:

    After downloading, the software analyzes the data to provide insights into remaining driving and working times.

  • Data Storage:

    All downloaded data is stored locally on your computer, ensuring that you have easy access to your records whenever needed.

  • Compatibility:

    The software supports various digital tachograph models and is designed to facilitate easy data transfer from the tachograph to your PC.

  • Installation and Use:

    Installing GloboFleet CC is straightforward. You’ll need to ensure that your PC meets the system requirements, after which you can install the software from the GloboFleet CD or download it directly from their website. Once installed, the software guides you through the process of downloading and analyzing data from your digital tachograph.

    In summary, GloboFleet CC provides a user-friendly interface and robust functionality for managing the data from digital tachographs, making it an essential tool for transport companies looking to streamline their operations and comply with regulations. Whether you’re a small business owner or manage a large fleet, GloboFleet CC offers the features and compatibility you need to keep your vehicles and drivers on track..

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