Decoding the Price Tag of Portable Bank2CSV


Could you inform me about the pricing structure for the Portable Bank2CSV tool?


When it comes to the pricing structure for Portable Bank2CSV, it’s important to note that the product is no longer available for purchase as a standalone application. Instead, a new product called ProperConvert has taken its place, offering support for more file formats and enhanced functionality.

For those interested in the pricing of the legacy Portable Bank2CSV tool, it was offered in two main tiers:


  • Lifetime License: Aimed at professionals who required long-term access to the tool, the lifetime license was priced at $149.99


  • Both licenses provided full access to the software’s features, including the ability to convert bank and credit card files into CSV format quickly and easily, with configurable input and output settings to accommodate various user needs.

    It’s worth mentioning that the pricing mentioned above reflects the last known costs before the transition to ProperConvert. For the most current pricing and offerings, users should refer to the ProperConvert website or contact their customer service for detailed information.

    In summary, while Portable Bank2CSV served its users well with a straightforward pricing model, the evolution of the product into ProperConvert suggests an ongoing commitment to providing valuable tools for financial data management. Users looking for similar functionality should explore the current offerings of ProperConvert for up-to-date pricing and features.

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