CodeTwo Customization: Is File-Specific Alerting Possible?


Is it possible to configure CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder to prompt alerts exclusively for designated file types?


While the CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder is quite versatile, its primary function is to remind users to attach files when certain keywords are detected in the email content. However, it does not natively support the feature to prompt alerts exclusively for designated file types.

The reminder is triggered by keywords in the email’s body or subject line, not by the type of file you might want to attach. This means that if you frequently mention specific file types in your emails, like “PDF” or “Excel sheet,” the reminder will pop up regardless of whether the actual file is attached or not.

Workarounds and Alternatives

If you’re looking to have reminders for specific file types, you might consider creating custom rules in Outlook that alert you when sending emails with certain file types attached or missing. This can be a bit complex and may not provide the same user-friendly experience as CodeTwo’s solution.

Another option could be to provide feedback to CodeTwo’s development team. They are open to suggestions and could potentially include this feature in a future update if it’s a popular request.


In summary, while CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder is a useful tool for preventing those “Oops, I forgot the attachment” moments, it currently does not offer the functionality to set reminders for specific file types. Users looking for this feature can explore custom Outlook rules or reach out to CodeTwo with the suggestion to consider it for future versions of the add-on.

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