Can a Tech Pro Bring Back Your Lost Word Files Post-Reboot?


Is it possible for an expert to retrieve a Word document that wasn’t saved before my computer rebooted?


AutoRecover Feature

Microsoft Word comes with an AutoRecover feature that saves a version of your document automatically at specified intervals. If this feature is enabled, you can recover the unsaved Word document after a computer restart by:

1. Opening Word and navigating to File > Info > Manage Document.

2. Clicking on Recover Unsaved Documents.

Temporary Files

When you’re working on a document, Word creates temporary files as a backup. These can be used to recover unsaved documents by:

1. Searching for `.asd` files in the Windows Search box.

2. Opening Word, going to File > Open > Browse, and selecting the `.asd` file.

Manual Search

If the above methods don’t yield results, a manual search in the AutoRecover file location might help. This location can be found under Word Options > Save.

Third-Party Software

There are also specialized data recovery software options that can scan your system for lost files and potentially recover unsaved Word documents.

Best Practices

To prevent future loss of documents, it’s advisable to:

  • Regularly save your work.
  • – Keep the AutoRecover feature enabled with a short time interval.
  • – Use cloud services like OneDrive or Google Drive for automatic saving and backup.
  • In conclusion, while there’s no guarantee that an unsaved document can be recovered after a reboot, these methods significantly increase the chances. It’s always best to save frequently and utilize the AutoRecover feature to minimize the risk of data loss..

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