AVG Antivirus: Is a Firewall Part of the Package?


Could you clarify whether AVG Antivirus comes equipped with an integrated firewall feature?


, which not only shields your system from external malware threats but also controls the network communication of applications on your computer to prevent any compromised software from causing internal issues.

AVG offers this feature across its different plans, ensuring that users can benefit from the firewall regardless of whether they opt for the free or paid versions. However, it’s important to note that the firewall’s availability may vary based on the specific AVG product and subscription plan you choose. For instance, the AVG Antivirus Free version does not include the firewall feature, and users would need to upgrade to AVG Internet Security or a higher-tier plan to access it.

In summary, AVG Antivirus does come with an integrated firewall feature, but its availability is contingent upon the selected AVG product version. This firewall is a testament to AVG’s commitment to providing a secure and fortified browsing experience for its users..

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