Atari++ Ready: Preparing Your Computer for Retro Gaming Perfection


Could you specify the hardware and software prerequisites necessary to operate Atari++ effectively?


  • – A

    modern processor

    (Intel or AMD CPU) capable of running at least at 1 GHz to emulate the Atari hardware efficiently.

  • – At least

    512 MB of RAM

    to ensure smooth operation and multitasking capability while running the emulator.

  • – A

    graphics card

    that supports SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer), which is used for rendering the graphics in Atari++.

  • – Sufficient

    hard drive space

    for the emulator installation and additional space for game ROMs and saved states.

  • Software Requirements:

  • – The Atari++ emulator is compatible with various operating systems, including

    Windows, Linux, and macOS


  • – You’ll need the

    SDL library

    installed on your system, which is a prerequisite for the emulator’s graphical output.

    • No specific ROM images are required to run the emulator, as it includes a built-in ROM emulation that mimics the AtariXL operating system.
    • Additionally, starting with release 1.73, Atari++ includes not only a full operating system but also a “System disk” that features a tool chain around Os++. This includes an FMS Overlay Manager to reduce the DOS footprint to 256 bytes, a RS232 serial device handler, and an Os++ compliant DUP Menu.


    the best experience, ensure that your system meets or exceeds these requirements. This will allow you to enjoy the full range of capabilities that Atari++ offers, from playing classic Atari games to developing new ones. Remember to check the official Atari++ website for the most up-to-date information on system requirements and features.

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