Altering Timestamps: What File Types Can ‘File Date Touch’ Handle?


Could you inform me about the types of file formats that are compatible with ‘File Date Touch’ for altering their date stamps?


: Whether it’s a `.txt`, `.docx`, or `.pdf`, ‘File Date Touch’ can alter the date stamps without affecting the content.

Image Files

: It supports common image formats like `.jpg`, `.png`, and `.gif`, allowing photographers and designers to manage their digital assets effectively.

Audio and Video Files

: Media files such as `.mp3`, `.wav`, `.mp4`, and `.avi` can also have their timestamps adjusted, which is handy for media managers and editors.

Executable Files

: Even `.exe` files on Windows or `.app` files on macOS can have their timestamps updated, which can be important for software developers.


: Compressed files and folders, like `.zip` or `.rar`, often need timestamp modifications to reflect their actual usage or creation date.

The key aspect of ‘File Date Touch’ is that it interacts with the file system’s metadata for the files. This means that the tool doesn’t directly interact with the content of the files but rather with the properties that the operating system maintains, such as the creation, modification, and last accessed dates.

It’s worth noting that while ‘File Date Touch’ can work with virtually any file format, its effectiveness may depend on the file system in use (e.g., NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, or others) and the operating system’s capabilities. Some file systems may have restrictions on the range of dates that can be set, and some may handle timestamp updates differently.

In conclusion, ‘File Date Touch’ is a highly adaptable tool that can handle a broad spectrum of file formats. Its primary limitation is not the file format itself but the file system and operating system within which it operates. For anyone needing to manage file dates, ‘File Date Touch’ offers a convenient and efficient solution.

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