ActiveX Control Utility: A Cross-Browser Compatibility Check


Is the Fix ActiveX Control Installs Utility compatible with various web browsers?


ActiveX controls are essential components for running a variety of interactive web applications and services. However, their compatibility with web browsers can be a concern for users and developers alike. The Fix ActiveX Control Installs Utility is a tool designed to assist with the installation and management of ActiveX controls, but its effectiveness varies across different browsers.

Internet Explorer: Full Support

The Fix ActiveX Control Installs Utility was primarily developed for use with Internet Explorer (IE), which has native support for ActiveX controls. Users can easily install and manage ActiveX controls within IE using this utility. To address installation issues, Microsoft recommends adding the site to the Trusted sites list or using the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

Microsoft Edge: Limited Support with IE Mode

With the phasing out of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge has become the new default browser for Windows. While Edge does not natively support ActiveX controls, it offers an ‘IE Mode’ that allows users to run ActiveX controls in a similar environment to Internet Explorer. This mode is particularly useful for organizations that rely on legacy web applications designed for IE.

Other Browsers: No Native Support

Non-Microsoft browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox do not natively support ActiveX controls due to security concerns and a shift towards more modern web standards. Users of these browsers will encounter limitations when attempting to use the Fix ActiveX Control Installs Utility. Some workarounds involve using browser extensions or emulators that mimic IE’s behavior, but these solutions are not officially supported and may pose security risks.

The Future of ActiveX Controls

ActiveX controls are gradually being phased out as the web moves towards more secure and interoperable technologies. The Fix ActiveX Control Installs Utility may continue to provide a solution for IE and Edge (in IE Mode) users, but its relevance is diminishing as the use of ActiveX controls decreases and modern web development practices take precedence.


In summary, the Fix ActiveX Control Installs Utility is compatible with Internet Explorer and has limited compatibility with Microsoft Edge through IE Mode. Other browsers do not offer native support for ActiveX controls, and thus, the utility’s functionality is restricted on those platforms. As the web evolves, the reliance on ActiveX controls and associated utilities is expected to decrease, making way for newer, more secure web technologies.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of ActiveX control compatibility across different web browsers and the role of the Fix ActiveX Control Installs Utility within this landscape. It’s important for users to be aware of these compatibility issues and to plan accordingly for the future of their web-based applications..

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