A User’s Guide to iLeadGrabber Basic: Features and Functioning Explained


Could you elucidate on the functionalities of iLeadGrabber Basic and its operational mechanism?


In the realm of lead management and data extraction, iLeadGrabber Basic emerges as a practical software solution designed to streamline the process of capturing, verifying, and extracting valuable lead, order, and survey information. This tool is particularly beneficial for users who frequently interact with web forms, online directories, and documents in search of contact and order details.

Functionalities of iLeadGrabber Basic

iLeadGrabber Basic offers a suite of features aimed at reducing the time and effort required to process web form information. Its capabilities include:

  • Data Capture

    : The software allows users to grab data from various sources, including mail clients like Outlook and Eudora, as well as web search results and documents.

  • Lead Verification

    : It verifies the extracted information, ensuring that the leads are accurate and up-to-date.

  • Information Extraction

    : Users can extract contact details and other relevant information with ease, facilitating a smoother lead management process.

  • Duplicate Detection

    : iLeadGrabber Basic identifies and alerts users about duplicate information within the database, allowing for prompt removal and maintaining data integrity.

  • Operational Mechanism

    The operational mechanism of iLeadGrabber Basic is straightforward yet effective. Upon installation, the user is presented with a main window that displays all available leads. These leads can be categorized by status (New, Reject, Prospect, Customer) and priority (Higher, High, Medium, Low, Lowest). The right-click menu provides options to view duplicates, remove them, and add new lead or contact information.

    For communication purposes, the ‘Email Center’ menu enables users to manage emails, accounts, and set specific filters for their campaigns. One of the key aspects of iLeadGrabber Basic is its ability to integrate with the user’s existing database, ensuring that all captured information is directly saved and organized for future use.


    iLeadGrabber Basic stands out as a reliable and efficient tool for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their lead management processes. By automating the extraction and verification of lead information, it not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of the data collected.

    This article provides a concise overview of iLeadGrabber Basic, highlighting its main functionalities and how it operates to assist users in managing leads effectively.

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