A Quick Guide to Bulk Renaming: How File&Folder Properties Changer Can Help


Could you guide me on the process of renaming multiple files simultaneously using the File&Folder Properties Changer tool?


First, ensure that you have the File&Folder Properties Changer tool installed on your computer. This software is typically compatible with various versions of Windows.

Step 2: Open the Application

Launch the File&Folder Properties Changer. You’ll be greeted with a user-friendly interface that lists all the operations you can perform.

Step 3: Select Files

Navigate to the ‘Batch Rename’ section. Here, you can add the files you wish to rename. You can do this by dragging and dropping the files into the program or by using the ‘Add Files’ button to select files from your directories.

Step 4: Choose Rename Options

Once your files are listed, you can decide how you want to rename them. The tool may offer options to add prefixes, suffixes, or even change the entire filename based on a pattern you specify.

Step 5: Preview Changes

Before applying the changes, it’s always wise to preview them to ensure everything looks correct. Most tools provide a ‘Preview’ function that shows you how the files will be renamed.

Step 6: Apply Renaming

After you’re satisfied with the preview, you can proceed to rename the files. Click on the ‘Rename’ button, and the tool will process all the files in one go.

Step 7: Verify the Results

Once the process is complete, check the files to ensure they’ve been renamed as intended. The tool might also provide a log of the changes made for your reference.

Step 8: Undo if Necessary

If you notice any mistakes or change your mind, some tools offer an ‘Undo’ feature that can revert the changes. However, it’s important to use this feature immediately, as it may not be available after the tool is closed or other changes are made.


Batch renaming files with File&Folder Properties Changer is straightforward. By following these steps, you can save time and avoid the monotony of manual renaming. Always remember to back up your files before making bulk changes, just to be safe. Happy organizing!

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